Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greetings and good readings

The best part about looking at other artists' work is that it motivates me to do my own stuff. unfortunately today though, I have work right in the middle of the day. Hopefully I'll have enough lingering inspiration to carry me over until later in the evening. So here's another little installation of examples of work I really enjoy.

This first one might look a bit familiar because one of the activities in my life drawing sketchbook was to look at him as an example of how to evoke certain emotions through close-color harmonies. Apparently he's from the bay area too and does some really cool figurative work. Ladies and gents: Nathan Oliveira

I forgot to get the titles for all of these, oops.

These next ones are from Richard Diebenkorn, another Bay Area artist. If you compare the first one here to the first example I gave from Shaun Tan in one of my earlier blogs, you can see the striking similarities and make a good guess on Tan's influences. I really love Diebenkorn now which is strange because my freshman year of high school we did a project emulating some of his architectural work and I've known his name since then, but really haven't appreciated him until 8 years later.

This guy is one of my favorite illustrators. He came to speak at SCAD as part of an alumni panel earlier in the year and I've been following him ever since. He works constantly and maintains a good balance of both an illustration and fine art career which is so amazing and something I wish I could do! Keep your eye open for Steven Tabbutt, he really knows his stuff.

His website is

Another artist I look at who does really beautiful figurative art is Burt Silverman. I learned about him in my watercolor class because he does some really awesome gouache paintings, but
all my examples of him are oil. I'll post those later as well.

In other news, I finally get paid this Friday and I think a good chunk will go towards art supplies, or a scanner. . .or a moped. I have trouble saving money.
Also I'm finally starting on my website. It should be up and running somewhat soon?

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  1. You should get a scanner so we can see your work!