Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out and About

The Bike is Back!

After some asshole stole my front wheel a few months ago, I've been hoofing it around the city. I've missed having a bike so much. So, after a few monetary gifts for Xmas, I decided to buy a new front wheel/tire. I finally fixed it up and took a short ride around northern Greenpoint. It's such an interesting area. After stopping at a few places, I decided to go on a designated "Nature Walk" in a park along Newton Creek. The park is nestled amongst factories, a dump, junkyard and a waste treatment plant. The only nature was planted there when the park was created. It was oddly beautiful. The snow hadn't been cleared and there was a man/ dog companion pair of prints leading to and from the park.

 It was cool patterns/color schemes galore!

Taking bikes trips in the cold isn't so bad, I'll still be doing a lot more, but I can't wait for warm weather.