Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Day of Summer!

    Yesterday was the first time in a long time that it's been sunny on my day off. I took full advantage of course. It's definitely strange how the weather dramatically changes my mood. I slept in, ate some grub and then tanned on the roof for about an hour or so. Then I met my roommate Lesley for a beer and we caught the Spain v Honduras game at a local bar. Viva Espana! I started towards Bedford Ave with my bike and heard some pretty good live music. I stopped to watch for a while, took some pictures and did a quick sketch. There's nothing better than live music in the summertime.

     I was heading home, but something about the East River Park called to me so I decided to settle there for a bit and bask in the sun for a while.

     I also picked up a couple of books from one of the street vendors for pretty cheap ($4). Even though I just got my NY Library Card, I figured four bucks is actually cheaper than what I would end up paying in my inevitable overdue library fines so I went for it. It's also always so exciting to own a new (new to me) book!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Year

I was looking through my camera the other day. I have pictures on there from over two years ago. I'll spare you those, but I'd like to reminisce a bit and pick out a few of my photos to show a few of my good times.


 We typically gathered at Jon and Ally's Saturday nights. I think we're just about to play a drinking associated game of cards.

 Papusa Night near the end of the year at Mily, Lizzy and my house.


I know I still talk about this way too much, but my trip to Greece was one of the best things I've done. Returning to Kalambaka from Meteora.

Mykonos at Dusk


I like that guy with the cheesy Greece tourist shirt 

Santorini. The crowd was insane.


 Hiking for my uncle's birthday on Halloween in Santa Cruz with my cousin and doggies.

Later that night. . . Emily as a scarecrow and Ben as that ol' black crow himself.

The 'hood in mid November

 Yosemite- Bridal Veil Falls

Yosemite- Hike back from Vernal Falls

This is from me soaking up my last bits of home before my move to NY. I took my dog hiking in Los Gatos every chance I got.

He's so happy whenever he gets off leash

Looking SE towards Almaden
Bye- bye Heintz Open Space

New York
Spring finally comes to New York with green leaves and great sunsets. . .

. . .and eating. . .

. . .and drinking. . .

. . . and more drinking.
Father's Day on Long Island

    So, I grew up down the street from my best friend Emily. Her mom, Sheryl and her stepdad, Brian came out to visit Sheryl's sister Kathy and her husband Wayne who live on Long Island. Kathy, Wayne and their two kids Elyse (who's my age) and Tyler, a few years younger came out to visit California ever year during the summer. Basically the whole gang is like my family. 
    I left work Saturday evening, caught the train out of Penn Station and made it to the house a little over two hours later. Everyone is always so gracious, their house is beautiful and it's always great to get away from the city for a day or two.That evening I just hung around and watched Tyler and his friend score the rest of his film. Apparently they have a big father's day/ beginning of summer BBQ with a bunch of friends and family and Tyler was finishing up his film to premier it at the party the next day. Which, by the way was a big hit with the whole family. Keep an eye out for Tyler Bodamer, he's going to do really well in the film industry.
    The next day we got everything set up for the party.
 Ah, the drinks table, prior to the creation of Wayne's famous, deadly rum punch.

Don't judge me. I only had one and it wasn't that bad.

Holey board. So simple, so fun.

First came drinks, some holey board, then we kicked off the hors d' oeuvres with some sausage, courtesy of Brian.

Then came more holey board, more drinks, and a whole lot of conversation. Almost everyone there was a native of Long Island and blessed with the gift of gab.

Then came dinner (thanks Wayne) of which I over ate and didn't save room for dessert and that was a real shame.  All in all it was a great trip. I got to see some family and finally deliver my painting to Sheryl and Brian. They really enjoyed it which is all that matters and I can't wait to see it up in their house when I go home in a few weeks!

Coming up, finally a beautiful sunny day off in Brooklyn.