Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Yolk

Oh, Hello again.

Spring has finally come to NY which means a pretty even mix a rain and sunshine. The freckles have begun to re-appear on my face. I thought I'd share a few photos. They're actually pretty terrible. Anyway, all the trees are blooming in the city streets:

 The gloomy, gray day didn't bring out the brilliance of the trees like a sunny one does.

These were taken on Havemeyer in Williamsburg while walking one of my doggies, Nigel (below).

We're all slowly coming out of hibernation. Some of us, like my roomy Lesley, slower than others. She spent all day one weekend sleeping next to a live webcam of a mama Bald Eagle and its babies.

And lastly I thought I'd share a proud picture of a Spinach, Kale and Green Pepper quiche I made for dinner tonight. (Cooking a pie for one is dangerous because you're basically eating the whole thing yourself a lot faster than you'd like to).

The crust is also from scratch and I'm impatient it's not very pretty. It tastes good though!

Whelp, that's all for now!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Whoa seriously slacking

Slacking in like every aspect of life. I've had a chest cold for like 2 weeks now, which has prevented me from running in 40 degree whether, though I'm happy to say I have been itching to get out. I think tomorrow just might be warm enough!
I've mostly been sticking to my healthy eating routine. Cutting down on beer and alcohol in general, cutting down the coffee intake as well. I also had lately developed pretty severe sugar/junk food cravings so I'm taking a week off (hopefully more) from any candy, sweets, chips any of that crap and doing a self-prescribed detox from that nasty stuff.
I'm looking forward to shedding this winter weight and a big contributor to that will be dog walking! That's right, I started P/T a few weeks ago and it feels great to get out and exercise all day, thought I am exhausted when I get home after 5-6 hours of walking. Not a glamorous job, but it'll pay the bills. It'll be nice outside soon and I foresee some MAJOR tan lines in my future.

 I'm also looking forward to fixing up my bike and taking some good excursions this summer. Having a set schedule, with weekends off and a guaranteed paycheck is going to feel so awesome. It's been way too long since I've had that. I haven't been outside of this area (Brooklyn, NYC, Jersey City) since September, when I went home to California for Em's wedding! Suffice it to say I've got cabin fever like no other.

En otras noticias, very sad to say my roomie and one of my best buds, Lesley, is moving to Philly at the end of July. I'm so sad to see her go, but it'll be good for her. That just kind of leaves my living situation up in the air and I've got to figure a bunch of stuff out until then. I'm slightly freaked out about it.

Ugh, I'm almost 24 and it seems like everyone around me is experiencing some signs of settling down. Even the crazy single friends are finding their other halves. Allow me to vent and say it really gets old being the single friend. Having always been the single friend, there comes a time when I honestly wonder if I'll ever not be. I spent enough time being happy single that I know I can be happy in a relationship now. Whelp, I'm feeling old and fatalistic. I think that means it's time for bed.

 Sweet dreams and Happy 23rd to my little sis!!

Update: Went running today and it felt awesome- yea boiii

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10K Training log

1st day: 2.5 miles with half mile interval.

2nd day: 40 min run. 3 miles with 3/4 mile of intervals.
Healthy dinner- Tuna and whole grain pasta with a side of kale. Sounds gross tastes good.
Exercise. Good. Even though I'm sure this will all be spoiled with the consumption of mass quantities of beer and not-so-healthy food when DAN HOOD and DASH KREHEL are in town next week!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out and About

The Bike is Back!

After some asshole stole my front wheel a few months ago, I've been hoofing it around the city. I've missed having a bike so much. So, after a few monetary gifts for Xmas, I decided to buy a new front wheel/tire. I finally fixed it up and took a short ride around northern Greenpoint. It's such an interesting area. After stopping at a few places, I decided to go on a designated "Nature Walk" in a park along Newton Creek. The park is nestled amongst factories, a dump, junkyard and a waste treatment plant. The only nature was planted there when the park was created. It was oddly beautiful. The snow hadn't been cleared and there was a man/ dog companion pair of prints leading to and from the park.

 It was cool patterns/color schemes galore!

Taking bikes trips in the cold isn't so bad, I'll still be doing a lot more, but I can't wait for warm weather.