Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Shit

I just started my new job today. I swear to God I continue to subconsciously sabotage myself. I basically made a bunch of decisions to ensure that I did a horrible job. For example, I only gave myself four hours of sleep and didn't bring a lunch or have a way to get lunch which resulted in me being brain-dead and grumpy the entire day.
I showed up late, disoriented and flustered after being caught in the rain, not knowing what to expect. I wasn't sure which position he hired me for because I interviewed for a receptionist position (which I later proved to him I couldn't have done). I also just expected this to just be a paperwork day for some reason. Not quite.
Turns out I am part of the production team. It's big commercial printing company whose name I got wrong when speaking to my boss this afternoon. I called it "Print Factory." It's "Print Facility." Idiot.
The woman who's the lead production manager wasn't there today so I had to learn and do all the things necessary to set up documents and machines in order for them to be ready to print. There are around four huge laserjet plotters for posters, two color printers, B/W plotters, a 2-Color offset printer, a 5-Color offset printer, die-cut machines, lamination, and some screens that look like they hadn't been used in a while among other things I can't remember.
I've got to give myself refresher courses on Illustrator, InDesign and apparently the English language/proofreading and craftsmanship.
I basically felt like an idiot the whole day. Tomorrow will be better.

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