Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peet's Coffee in downtown SJ has really awesome art on the walls

As soon as I quit my job I was rethinking my decision, but my adventures since then have redeemed that choice. It was also nice to walk in there a week after I quit and pick up a check. Two days later I finally got my deposit check. So things are good.

A couple of days ago I took my moped to the area where I work, downtown Los Gatos, and rode around in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was gorgeous and although I've lived here my entire life I had never been there. I cruised around the early 20th century neighborhoods and everything was pristine. I started taking this one-lane private road up into the mountains, but I was nervous about not having my cellphone and decided to head back. It's definitely a place I'll have to return to.

I've also had time to go fishing in a fishless reservoir and get really drunk with my best friend and her family. Way too much Captain, whoa. I'm in downtown San Jose right now because I had jury duty at 8:00 am. I waited for about 2 hours in the "Jury Assembly Room" for my group to be called and luckily they didn't need us so I don't have to do that for at least another year! I've just been tooling around on my bike and exploring the area that I clearly don't know very well. I'm about to meet my friend Sharon for lunch and then get some business done afterwords.

I'm almost done with my piece that I put on here last time, with some good improvements I think. Unfortunately it's kind of a piece that needs to be seen in person. When I finish that and the one that I started yesterday, I'll put them up. The next one won't be as time-consuming because it's a less-involved process. Mostly drawing and watercolor rather than a boatload of sewing, embroidery and gluing.

Also, I'm debating whether to buy a $259 (sooo cheap) ticket to JFK in the spring. I think I should wait until I have another source of income, even though the prices will most likely go up. *Tip: If you're ever going to buy plane tickets, buy them on a Tuesday afternoon. It's about $100 cheaper than any other day.*

After lunch I head to the San Fernando light rail station. While looking across at the small Victorian houses in front of me and turning left to the high-rise buildings of downtown I think San Jose's not that bad. There's a smell of cilantro that accompanies fresh Mexican food and Guadalupe Park nearby. It's not hard to imagine that this was Mexico not so long ago. It retains a lot of Mexican culture and it's a small section that hasn't been gentrified. As I'm lost in my fake San Jose wonderland some guy with a waddle like a line-backer and a voice like Keak-da-Sneak walks lazily to the station followed by his bald, gruff-looking friend. After several unsuccessful panhandling attempts homeboy starts belting a few verses of everybody's favorite Billy Idol song.
"It's a great day for a white wedding," incoherent mumbling, "START AGAAIIIN."
Thank you San Jose.

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