Monday, September 7, 2009

Hu woo-ee-uh oh: Why you so obsessed with me

This reminds me of livejournal:
The night before

Around 9:30 I decide to hit the sack early because I have to leave at 7ish to make the trek up to see Jon and Amy. I feel asleep after nervous excitement and real nerves at calling in "sick" to work the next day. After finally falling asleep I get a text from Amy asking when I'm going to get there. I respond and remain awake for the next three or so hours, passing the time by indulging in my most rec
ent Netflix, Hannah and Her Sisters. Awesome. For some reason when I was younger I had qualms about watching Woody Allen films, but I really love them now.

The morning of:
I wake up grumbling as usual after hitting the
snooze for almost an hour. Thanks to a certain someone that has become routine. The coffee pot is the only thing fully functional morning until both my parents wake up. Then I'm on my way. It's smooth sailing of course until I have to drive the short stretch through the city. 19th Ave about 2 miles long that is bookended by two freeways and is the only part of SF that I see in my trip. The fog hangs just over San Francisco it seems and begins to burn off as soon as I hit the Golden Gate Bridge.

Entrance to Golden Gate park

Fog clearing
The drive was beautiful of course. I took the long way on accident through the mountains and got some glimpses of vineyards. It was so good to visit with Jon and Amy. They showed me around the place, showed me what they'd been up to. They made lunches and we headed off for a hike down to a creek.

New pictures courtesy of Jon and Amy:

I have proof now that I did it. I'm also very surprise that there's a picture of me smiling and being normal

We hiked back and then went to Gualala for some pizza and ice cream. It was a very colorful one-road town where the only bar and good source of entertainment, "Bones" had recently burned to the ground. The irony is the side of the building was painted in bad-to-the-bone style flames.

We said goodbye and I headed back down highway 1 this time, the beginning was beautiful:

the rest was terrifying. Sheer cliffs that would lead to a watery grave were on my right, on-coming traffic to my left and windy roads forever. Never again at night, but all in all a good adventure.

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